Tuesday, 8 January 2013

getting started

Hi, So this is my first time writing a blog. Im not too sure what to talk about. But its a new year and this is something that I've always wanted to do. I'm a mommy of 3. Just before my 22nd birthday I found out i was pregnant.. Not only was a pregnant, but i was pregnant with twins! This was a huge shock to my self and my boyfriend and our families. Sean and I had just gotten back together a couple months before that. So we weren't really sure if we could do it. But its 3 years later and were happy as ever. When they boys were 15 months old we found out we were pregnant again! We were really excited, and hoped for a girl. I was about 12 weeks along when I started having bleeding.. i was shopping with my best friend and i had to rush home. By the time i got home it looked like someone had been murdered. There was a lot of blood. We went to the hospital to find out that i had a subchronic hematoma (hemorrhage). And a threatened miscarriage. I was put on bed rest for 2 weeks and was told there was still a huge possibility i could loose my baby...I cried so much... I had just finally gotten over the morning sickness and now this... I couldn't pick up my sons (no heavy lifting) and if they wanted me to hold them id have to sit on the floor.. after a week i felt better.. I didn't have any bleeding and when i saw my GP i asked him if i could go out for dinner and maybe to the casino for my birthday that weekend. He said he didnt see why not as long as i took it easy and did more sitting then walking.. I had a great dinner, and the casino was fun. We decided to stop at our friends house down the street to with him a happy birthday. we were there for 10 minutes when the bleeding started again.. Very heavy... i went home and cried my self to sleep...after another week and a half i returned to work but took it easy.. I came to the realization that no matter how much bed rest i had if i was going to lose my baby, thats what was going to happen... after that i didnt have anymore bleeding... and i continued to have a healthy pregnancy.. around 20 weeks we found out we were having a girl! it was so wonderful. 2 boys and now a girl. My daughter was born 8 days before her brothers 2nd birthday. over a week late lol. She was perfect and healthy. Shes over a year now. We are done though. No plans of having more kids.. lol. 3 is more then enough! :) Thanks for reading

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