Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You must have your hands full!

Being a mom of twins I have heard since I was pregnant either, "wow, you must have your hands full" or "your going to have your hands full"
Really, gee thanks, that was really uplifting. I wonder if these people who say this are trying to be helpful... Because they're not. When I was pregnant with my daughter I got this one a lot. "wow, your pregnant again? I would have stopped at twins...Trying for a girl this time?" ........ I don't "try" for anything. When I found out we were pregnant for the second time, we were so happy but after early problems and almost losing my daughter, we didn't care if it was a boy or girl. We just hoped we would have a baby. As for stopping at twins. well good for you. I always saw my self as a two kid kind of mom. But after having my boys I realised what I wanted was to be pregnant twice. Experience it twice. So I did. And now, I'm done.
Does being a mom of twins automatically make it OK to ask us inappropriate questions about our children or pregnancy or birth? I mean really; Walking through the mall I am constantly stopped by people. To ask me "are they twins?" "was it natural" "did you have them naturally" "are they identical? they look identical." "did you have a c section?" the most awkward time i was asked the latter was at the beach this past summer. I was playing in the sand with my kids and I noticed this woman wouldn't stop staring. I'm pretty used to it, being a twin mom is like being a celebrity. Everyone stares everyone wants to talk to you. So i kind of just blew it off as she just thought my kids were cute or something. All of a sudden she shouts to me "are those all yours??!" I look both ways just to make sure shes talking to me... "ummm..Yes.." then she shouts again "did you have  a c section? because I cant see a scar on your stomach." So awkward. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have twins I wouldn't have to worry about random strangers asking how my children were born. That kind of crazy person is only drawn towards parents of multiples.
Now I know most people mean well. But really, us multiple moms just want to buy our groceries in peace. We want to play with our kids or take them to school or daycare or just walk them anywhere with out someone having to stop and say "boy you sure have your hands full" Trust me, WE KNOW. My hands are full, and my heart is full. I love my kids and although my days are sometimes crazy, and it wasn't so much fun going through terrible twos times 2, I wouldn't have it any other way. So please people, Next time you see a mom with her twins and maybe one or two more in toe, don't bother telling them something they already know. Just smile and nod.
Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

getting started

Hi, So this is my first time writing a blog. Im not too sure what to talk about. But its a new year and this is something that I've always wanted to do. I'm a mommy of 3. Just before my 22nd birthday I found out i was pregnant.. Not only was a pregnant, but i was pregnant with twins! This was a huge shock to my self and my boyfriend and our families. Sean and I had just gotten back together a couple months before that. So we weren't really sure if we could do it. But its 3 years later and were happy as ever. When they boys were 15 months old we found out we were pregnant again! We were really excited, and hoped for a girl. I was about 12 weeks along when I started having bleeding.. i was shopping with my best friend and i had to rush home. By the time i got home it looked like someone had been murdered. There was a lot of blood. We went to the hospital to find out that i had a subchronic hematoma (hemorrhage). And a threatened miscarriage. I was put on bed rest for 2 weeks and was told there was still a huge possibility i could loose my baby...I cried so much... I had just finally gotten over the morning sickness and now this... I couldn't pick up my sons (no heavy lifting) and if they wanted me to hold them id have to sit on the floor.. after a week i felt better.. I didn't have any bleeding and when i saw my GP i asked him if i could go out for dinner and maybe to the casino for my birthday that weekend. He said he didnt see why not as long as i took it easy and did more sitting then walking.. I had a great dinner, and the casino was fun. We decided to stop at our friends house down the street to with him a happy birthday. we were there for 10 minutes when the bleeding started again.. Very heavy... i went home and cried my self to sleep...after another week and a half i returned to work but took it easy.. I came to the realization that no matter how much bed rest i had if i was going to lose my baby, thats what was going to happen... after that i didnt have anymore bleeding... and i continued to have a healthy pregnancy.. around 20 weeks we found out we were having a girl! it was so wonderful. 2 boys and now a girl. My daughter was born 8 days before her brothers 2nd birthday. over a week late lol. She was perfect and healthy. Shes over a year now. We are done though. No plans of having more kids.. lol. 3 is more then enough! :) Thanks for reading